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Aakar Charitable Trust has been working for the noble cause of water for the last 17 years & from 2006 embarked upon the construction of check dams. After seeing the phenomenal results that check dams bring about, from that year onwards there was no looking back.

Since our work is extremely transparent and since we are able to construct medium to small size check dams very economically and since our check dams are able to withstand the test of time, our work has been lauded by electronic and written media alike. We have received numerous awards for our work and BBC has selected our project as one of the twelve projects in all of south-east Asia on which they are doing a documentary of 40 minutes which will be translated in twelve languages for circulation all over Asia and the world. Door Darshan has covered Mrs. Amla Ruia in two exclusive interviews namely Tejaswini and Kisano ke ‘Maha Nayak’. Apart from this print media has covered the work of Aakar Charitable Trust in various magazines.








The Work of heroes like you deserves to be included in our education system, so from childhood we can learn the importance of selfless service and farming
                                                 - Shruti Kumar


Thank you madam for all your efforts. Our nation salutes you. You are no less than our jawans and farmers. Great respect to you.
                              - Hemanth Gupta Pachipulusu


                                            - Prabha Agarwal


Mam your firm determination as given the people of Rajasthan a ray of hope that if we want to change anything, we have to be a change first of all.
                                                - Deepa lamba


Hats off to green Ambassador of Mother earth
                                          - Sandeep Sarwate


Amazing grit and determination... Amla Ruia... You are inspiring !
                                               - Ashok Mathur


Ma'am hats off to you for the remarkable changes you brought to the farmers. The bureaucrats, local panchayat, agri institutions and NGO need to learn from you and cultivate the same for other states too. This will be benchmark in agriculture development in INDIA.
                                                   - Siddhartha

It takes a lot to not complain about the situation, but rather work to change it. Mam, thanks for working for humanity, betterment of people's lives. Thanks for spreading happiness and peace. Your qualities of leadership, humanity and hard work are an inspiration to many including me. These few words cannot sum up your goodness, but thanks. Learning a lot from heroes like you. Regards a girl in awe of you!
                                                                            Rashmi Reddy

What an Incredible achievement. Congratulations Amla for such superb challenge achieved. You are making a supreme difference to those 100 villages in Rajasthan. May you be blessed Amla, for this life saving action. Thank you. You are awesome and inspiration to the people of Rajasthan and India.
                                                                      - Y Cambridge

  • In Bansur in Kunda ka check dam ---'’For us Water is God and you who have brought it are devi’’ . They sing bhajans of Durga Mata and I always tell them that I am only the front the real donors are sitting in distant lands, some even out of the country and still thinking of you all.

  • In the village Garnau-- You have made this into the valley of Kashmir.

  • In Kotputli Shiv Ram master ji --- what the govt. had not done for us in 70 years you have done in two years.

  • Rotarians --- we feel honoured to share the platform with you because of the exceptional work you are doing.

  • We met a lot of happy farmers who had the light of hope in their eyes.

  • Brijendra Poddar - I had sent my man to check out the work and have found it absolutely to the mark.




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Amla Ruia's Message for


Our environment is in shreds. The sky in India is no more blue. The Water is muddy or black in the water bodies, rivers and oceans. The air pollution is much above permissible levels. We must ask ourselves which way are we heading. Countries like Norway and Sweden have a ratio of 28 trees to one man but in India it is less than four trees to one man. The soil has lost its biomass and hence its nutritional qualities. Thus, the next generation will be much poorer physically as well as mentally. It is high time we wake up and do out maximum to clean and conserve water and create forest-cover by planting more and more trees. A good idea is to make it imperative to plant and nurture 10 trees in order to get the graduation degree.

To be able to be effective we only need to do away with one little thought ... "WHAT ABOUT ME". whatever we do, if it can be done in a selfless spirit it will surely benefit Mother Earth and together we will be able to pull it out of the mire in which we have allowed it to languish.

I had started in a small way from one to two check dams in 2006 and by 2019 we have completed 351 check dams. The outcome is quite outstanding -- Direct benefit that means greatly enhanced life, well above poverty line to 2,10,114 people in 202 villages. Indirect benefit to 3,21,660 people in 242 villages. Total number of villages 444 and total number of people 5,31,774.

A total of 12.5 crores of sponsors money and 5.2 crores of villager's contribution has been spent on this project up to now. Now that the project is matured, the villagers are earning a net income of Rs. 500 crores year after year . This will continue for generations to come with a little bit of up keep by the villagers themselves.


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