Visibility and transparency to sponsors and villagers

We give full visibility to our donors and complete transparency of accounts is maintained. All material purchased for the construction is signed and verified by the villagers’ committee as well as our kariyakartas.

Upon completion of the structure, a marble name-plate is installed, clearly stating the name and amount received from the donors and the amount contributed by the village.

Seeing the tremendous success of the check dams, we have decided to scale up our project three times i.e. instead of building 30 check dams which were manageable by our committed CSR and the contributions of like-minded friends and family, we have now decided to build 90 check dams every year. Towards this end we humbly approach Corporates, NRI’s and organizations like yours &  Request you for generous contribution towards the noble cause.

We are submitting some estimates for your kind perusal so that you know what kind of detailed estimates are taken out by Aakar Charitable Trust. Work on some of these sites is under progress. If we get the funds from you, your name will be put on the name plate.

Indebtedness to Farmers

We have been talking about the farmers' debts and how that makes them commit suicides but we have over looked our debt to the farmer who feeds the 1.2 billion population of the country. Don't you think they deserve our support and gratitude for having fed us from the very beginning of our lives?

Water scarcity & world war

It is a popular belief that if a third world war is to happen, it will be on the issue of water. We all know what we feel if the water supply is stopped for a day. Suppose there was no water available for a week, we would not hesitate to fight, hurt people and even kill them to procure water. check dams can actually check, prevent and eradicate such dire situations.


At the end, I can only say that check dams are a simple, organic, environment-friendly solution to many of the ills that beset mankind in the present day and age. let us come together to bring happiness to our rural populace helping them to lead a much-deserved life of dignity and relative ease.




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   Sponsor the full amount and have an exclusive check dam in memory of your family members.


   Corporates, Take care of your CSR by
joining hands with us.


Have your name inscribed on the name plate for posterity.
Give us a commitment for as little as Rs. 2000/- per month. This will amount Rs. 24000/- per year. Your name will be on a name plate at the year's end.

Give an individual commitment of just Rs. 10,000/- and you will get recognition on the name plate.

Your Gifts are eligible for 80G Tax Benefit


 Make your checks payable to Aakar Charitable Trust

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