A total of approximately Rs.28 crores sponsors’ donations and Rs. 11.50 crores villagers’ contribution has been spent on this work so far.

The total annual net earnings of the villagers in 2019-22 was approx. Rs. 1500 crores and the same will be repeated & will continue to grow year after year This is in spite of drought like situations for the past 4 years. (We have calculated the figures village-wise so that the profits are not added twice as could happen when you calculate check dam wise.)

Through all these 490 check dams we have seen time and again how the check dams bestow tremendous bounty upon the land and its people. 

Every rupee invested in a check dams comes back to the beneficiary society 400 times. That means one rupee becomes 400 rupees. This is a one-time expense which keeps on giving more with each subsequent year and can last for generations to come.

Our most expensive check dam has cost Rs. 25 lakhs of sponsor's money and has transformed 7 villages with an approximate total population of 7000 people. Thus, per person, we have spent a meagre sum of Rs. 357/-. This amount, once spent will bring prosperity and abundance to seven villages for generations to come !!!!. In fact, with little sustained maintenance done by the villagers themselves, it becomes an eternal source of prosperity.

Impact :

Income before construction by agriculture Rs. 11,71,12,250/- Year - 2016.

Income after construction by agriculture and livestock Rs. 54,31,63,200/- year 2017.

Impacted population by check-dam --- approximate 27,000/




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